Data Workspaces

Data management for reproducability and collaboration

Data Workspaces is an open source framework for maintaining the state of a data science project, including data sets, intermediate data, results, and code. It supports reproducability through snapshotting and lineage models and collaboration through a push/pull model inspired by source control systems like Git.

Data Workspaces is installed as a Python 3 package and provides a Git-like command line interface and programming APIs. Specific data science tools and workflows are supported through extensions called kits. The goal is to provide the reproducibility and collaboration benefits with minimal changes to your current projects and processes.

Data Workspaces runs on Unix-like systems, including Linux, MacOS, and on Windows via the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Data Workspaces lets you:

  1. Track and version all the different resources for your data science project from one place.
  2. Automatically track the full history of your experimental results. Scripts can easily be developed to build reports on these results.
  3. Reproduce any prior experiment, including the source data, code, and configuration parameters used.
  4. Go back to a prior experiment as a “branching-off” point to explore additional permuations.
  5. Collaborate with others on the same project, sharing data, code, and results.
  6. Easily reproduce your environment on a new machine to parallelize work.
  7. Publish your environment on a site like GitHub or GitLab for others to download and explore.

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